Climbing Cotton

Rising Prices of Cotton

We know that many of you have been just as concerned about the rising prices of cotton as we have. Yesterday’s article on Inc takes a look at what is going on and how some companies are approaching the reality of rising prices.

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Threadbird Artist Series: Agape Attire Interview

Happy new year! To help reign in TwentyEleven, we’re bringing you the 3rd installment of the Threadbird Artist Series. This month we caught up with Ross Kenyon, owner-extraordinaire of Agape Attire (and former lead singer for Confide). Read below to find out more about Agape’s great line and how Ross wants to infect the world with good.

Tell us about yourself… What’s your background? Why apparel?

I was born and raised in England and lived there until I was 21. At the age of 21, I felt God calling me to California to join a band called Confide so I left everything behind to move across the world. When I moved to California, I met a very special girl named Celina (who is now my wife) and we talked about starting a brand that could spread love and hope through the products. Celina & I have been running the line for almost four years now and it has been tough keeping it going while on the road with Confide but recently the band came to an end so we’ve been working on the line full time at home.
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12 Days of Christmas Giveaway: iPods, Gift Cards, Print Credits & More!

So, what is this?

In celebration of the holidays… and just having a plain ole good time… we present to you Threadbird’s 12 Days of Christmas! For 12 days during the month of December, we’re giving away cool stuff in exchange for your awesomeness.  Over $1700 worth of prizes!! Here’s how it’s gonna work:

  • There will be 6 giveaways between Dec 8th-15th. At a random time each day, we will post on Twitter and/or Facebook about how to win for that day. Each day will be different. Some days you’ll have to be quick, others clever and still others… just plain lucky! But to win you MUST be following us on Twitter and Like us on Facebook.
  • There will also be 6 giveaways between Dec 16th-23rd. You’ll receive 1 entry for every 50 apparel items you order from us during the month of December . For example, order 1,000 shirts, and you are entered into the giveaway 20 times.

So, what are we giving away?

  • Dec 8th – 1000 Business Cards! 14pt Gloss or Uncoated
  • Dec 9th – 250 Vinyl stickers! Up to 5×3 in size.
  • Dec 10th – 250 1 inch Buttons (up to 5 different designs)
  • Dec 13th – 2gb iPod Shuffle (in the color of your choice)
  • Dec 14th – $25 iTunes Gift Card
  • Dec 15th – $250 in Printing Credit with Threadbird
  • Dec 16th – 1000 Business Cards! 14pt Gloss or Uncoated
  • Dec 17th – 8gb iPod Nano (in the color of your choice)
  • Dec 20th – 250 Vinyl stickers! Up to 5×3 in size.
  • Dec 21st – 250 1 inch Buttons (up to 5 different designs)
  • Dec 22nd – $25 iTunes Gift Card
  • Dec 23rd – $500 in Printing Credit with Threadbird


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Threadbird Artist Series: Arkaik Clothing

This is the 2nd installment of the “Threadbird Artist Series”. Each month, we’re interviewing a new artist/company that you may or may not have heard of. Help spread the love: Tweet the blog post, pass along the emails, tell your friends… and buy their stuff!
This week we interviewed Jordan Abidor from Arkaik Clothing, the world’s biggest Dino-crushing empire!

Arkaik Clothing

Where are you located?
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Threadbird Artist Series: Fright Rags

One of the coolest things about working at Threadbird is getting to work with great people… and great artists. This week we’re starting a new series of features called the “Threadbird Artist Series”. Every so often, we’ll be interviewing a new artist that you may or may not have heard of. Help spread the love: Tweet the blog post, pass along the emails, tell your friends… and buy their stuff!
This week we interviewed Benjamin Scrivens from Fright Rags.
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Storenvy Printing is now Threadbird Printing

Storenvy = Free Online Stores + Social Shopping Marketplace
Threadbird = Quality Screen Printing that Crushes the Competition

Since 2008, Storenvy has offered two things: (1.) awesome online stores and (2.) awesome screen printing. Both services have grown and have their own passionate users and customers that we absolutely love. Well, as of today, we’re announcing that we’re making the screen printing service its own thing: Threadbird.  This gives us the chance to give each service the attention it deserves.

Storenvy will continue to offer FREE online stores and a killer social shopping marketplace while Threadbird will continue to offer quality screen printing that outdoes the competition every time


Scott Anderson (@holidayatsea) and (@nickroccanti) have taken over Threadbird, while Jon Crawford (@NewMonarch) and Janette Crawford (@janettecrawford ) continue to expand Storenvy. The two companies, now separate, will continue to support each other just like they always have!

About Threadbird.

We’re the same people, the same shop and the same printers printing the shirts the same awesome way. At Threadbird, we’re growing and expanding to offer new services and even better sales and customer service support. Be sure to follow us on Twitter @threadbird & fan us on Facebook for awesome sales and updates.

Everybody meet Shane.

A good friend of mine, Shane Stiles, has recently joined our team. If you email he will most likely be the one responding. We’re stoked to have him on our team helping take things to the next level and improving our overall customer service.


To celebrate Threadbird’s new name and website we’re offering a killer sale. From now until the end of September get $0.70 off of our list price on all printing. So get your printing on!

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