Your Questions About Apparel Fulfillment Services- Answered!

It started as just an idea – your company began as a one-person side job, with a couple of designs and a dream. Now it’s grown to a full-time business, with a small army of people working in your house just to get all your t-shirts out to your loyal customers. You’re constantly distracted because you have so many orders coming in, which is awesome, but you have so many other things demanding your attention that you can’t focus on the things that got you here –  designing great apparel and selling and marketing your brand.

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And don’t look now, but the holidays are fast approaching- the busiest time of year for apparel companies! More people are going to online shop this year than ever before, and this means you need to be ready for the influx of customers coming your way to purchase their gifts this season.

If you’ve reached the point where you can’t focus on building your brand because of the crush of shipping orders to your customers, we can help! Here at Threadbird, we know the ins and outs of custom apparel. We were first an apparel production company, but we also specialize in fulfillment services for your brand. We can take are of those details, so you can focus on the things only YOU can do to grow your business. So read on to see how we can improve your efficiency via packing and shipping, inventory, customer service, and many other ways.

Fulfillment services are typically for clients with high-volume order history. High-volume order history is a brand that sells large amounts of products. You need to grow your business to at least 250 packages a month before our fulfillment services make sense for you financially. We want you to get there!

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The benefits of using Threadbird fulfillment services include:

  • Pick & Pack & Ship your orders.This part of your business can feel like the biggest hassle. Your products are flying off the shelves so fast that you can’t keep up! Instead of worrying about keeping your customers happy by receiving their orders on time, let us worry it. We can complete fulfillment of orders your receive.
  • One company – lots of services.Instead of having to talk to a printer or two, and perhaps a packaging vendor, as well as dealing with shipping, you can talk to just one company! But by combining services with Threadbird, you can save on things like shipping, since products we create ship to our warehouse for free. That could save you $1,000’s a year!
  • Worldwide Shipping.Are you based out of somewhere in the US but have customers all the way in France? Or vice versa? First of all, congrats because you’re killing it. Secondly, getting shipments across the world requires different postage and other potential hurdles like shipping time. To get orders to international customers in a timely matter requires a whole lot of efficiency! Let us take care of that for you.
  • Store your inventory from any supplier.All the garments and other items you create take up space. Space that you could use for other things, like more office space or a gaming room. Instead of putting money into expansion just for storage, we can store your inventory for you. We also don’t require that you print with us to use our fulfillment services! Keep printing like you have been and we can take care of this one part of your business.fulfillment services threadbird
  • Connect our software to your online store’s API. We can integrate with your Shopify, StoreEnvy, SquareSpace, and many more! This allows the customer experience to flow smoothly while we work with you on the other side to fulfill their requests in a timely manner.
  • Automatically share tracking numbers with your customers. There’s anticipation that comes with waiting for a package to arrive. As online shoppers ourselves, we can all agree that don’t like to wait and we want to know where our purchases are! Your customers will not be left in the dark waiting for their order to arrive. We provide them with tracking info via UPS surepost and innovation, so they can know when to expect their order. If the order is international, it’s shipped via USPS.
  • Store customer support included.We can take care of your customer support. As experts in the screen-printing industry, we answer questions your customers have about product fit, care, and appearance. We handle returns, questions, and concerns.
  • Returns & Exchanges. We can work with you to create a returns & exchanges policy for your store. This way you and your tribe don’t have to worry about changed minds or exchanges. We can also help you figure out what kind of return policy works best for your brand.

So there you have it. You can use our expertise to your benefit while focusing on what you do best.If you want to know more about fulfillment services, you can e-mail us at or head to our page on fulfillment services. What services are you excited to start using?

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