Productivity Tools Round Up

At Threadbird, we are always striving to improve the way we do business internally. It’s important in a virally connected world that we are staying productive. In our search for some new productivity tools this week, we’re giving you some of the highlights of what we found. – Looks to be a pretty useful social media management tool. Really well-designed user interface. Link it to your Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn & Google Analytics accounts to get a better handle on your social interaction. Free 30 day trial, but pretty expensive for what you get, starting at $39/month.

Sprout Social Tour – “Social Productivity App for Your Team”. Create and share projects, tasks and notes with your team. Has a native iPhone app and a superbly executed iPad web interface. And to top it all off… quite possibly the best product video I’ve ever seen, hands down. – Group chat and IM. If you’ve been using Campfire as your team chat client, you might want to look into HipChat as a replacement. However, we’re not convinced quite yet. The iPhone app has 1 star and there is an echo when using video chat without headphones. However, not having to switch over to iChat/AIM for audio/video chat could be a deal maker if the bugs get worked out. – A social work platform for your company. If you’re searching for a social enterprise solution for your business, you should definitely check out Podio. It’s not quite Salesforce, but it’s fully customizable and could be a game changer for your business. There are 100’s of apps that you can install into custom workspaces, in fact I’m documenting this blog post from an app I installed in a workspace called “Blog” right now.

What are you using to stay productive with your team?

The three most important tools to have when ordering screen printing

To make the process of ordering screen printing as awesome as possible for both you and your printer, there are three tools we recommend that all printing clients have on hand. And our list might surprise you.

1. A Pantone Matching System (PMS) formula guide.

Pantone guides can be a bit on the pricey side, but if you are getting ready to drop a lot of dough on screen printing your precious designs, it’s probably worth the investment. Pantone Formula Guides run about $100 new, but you can usually find them used on eBay or Craigslist for about $50.

For those of you who are already confused — Pantone is THE world authority on color. Since the 1960s, its matching system has been standardizing colors throughout the art world. More than 1,500 colors each have a number assigned to them (e.g., PANTONE 185 C) to help artists communicate their color visions to printers, which is their ultimate purpose. Because the color callibration of computer monitors all differs a little bit, this system makes sure we can all stay on the same page.
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