Productivity Tools Round Up

At Threadbird, we are always striving to improve the way we do business internally. It’s important in a virally connected world that we are staying productive. In our search for some new productivity tools this week, we’re giving you some of the highlights of what we found. – Looks to be a pretty useful social media management tool. Really well-designed user interface. Link it to your Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn & Google Analytics accounts to get a better handle on your social interaction. Free 30 day trial, but pretty expensive for what you get, starting at $39/month.

Sprout Social Tour – “Social Productivity App for Your Team”. Create and share projects, tasks and notes with your team. Has a native iPhone app and a superbly executed iPad web interface. And to top it all off… quite possibly the best product video I’ve ever seen, hands down. – Group chat and IM. If you’ve been using Campfire as your team chat client, you might want to look into HipChat as a replacement. However, we’re not convinced quite yet. The iPhone app has 1 star and there is an echo when using video chat without headphones. However, not having to switch over to iChat/AIM for audio/video chat could be a deal maker if the bugs get worked out. – A social work platform for your company. If you’re searching for a social enterprise solution for your business, you should definitely check out Podio. It’s not quite Salesforce, but it’s fully customizable and could be a game changer for your business. There are 100’s of apps that you can install into custom workspaces, in fact I’m documenting this blog post from an app I installed in a workspace called “Blog” right now.

What are you using to stay productive with your team?