What’s Big in Custom Apparel

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As a team of people passionate about custom apparel, we spend a lot of time talking about screen printing trends and looking at new products. So we thought we should share with you some of the new stuff we like and trends we see, like the return of the oversized t-shirt, a passion for pull over sweatshirts, and from a sales volume point of view, the power of the Anvil 980 tee and the Canvas 3939 zip hoodie. So let’s dig into the how’s and the why’s of these trends to learn more.

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5 Cool Screen-Printed T-Shirts I’ve Seen This Week

I have a t-shirt obsession, there are A LOT in my house, its part of the reason that I work for a Printing Company, and one of the many reasons why I love what I do. I’m constantly pursuing t-shirt forums and follow tons of designers and brands on social media. While there are a ton of cool shirts out there, these are the best that I have seen this week.

1. Straw Castle’s – Call of the Wild

Strawcastle's Call of the Wild T-Shirt

I really dig StrawCastle’s style, it’s hand drawn and a bit gritty with classic American influence. You can pick this up, as well as some other great shirts, at his Etsy shop here: https://www.etsy.com/listing/197850327/call-of-the-wild-tshirt? ref=shop_home_feat_3

2. PaleHorse Designs – Out of Body

Palehorse's Out of Body T-Shirt

PaleHorse has been around in the design / t-shirt world for a while and always does amazing stuff. Super bright colors and large prints. You can buy this here: http://palehorse.merchline.com/products/out-of-body-t-shirt

3. AnyForty – AnyForty X Mister Lister for CALM shirt

Anyforty Mister Lister T-Shirt

AnyForty is someone that I have been following for a while and they always work with great artists for great releases. They also do a charity art show once a year to raise money and awareness for various things. You can purchase the shirt here: http://shop.anyforty.co.uk/collections/t-shirts/products/anyforty-x-mister-lister-for-calm-t-shirt and all the proceeds go to charity. Super awesome stuff.

4. 8-Bit Zombie – Rad Dudes

8 Bit Zombie's Rad Dudes T-Shirt

If you follow indie brands then 8-Bit Zombie is not new to you, he constantly does terrific stuff inspired by 80’s video games and movies. This one is a bit of nostalgia for me because I spent countless hours playing the video game. The shirt can be purchased here: http://8bitzombie.bigcartel.com/product/rad-dudes

5 (and 6). Fright Rags – Tucker & Dale vs. Evil

Fright Rags Tucker & Dale vs. Evil Shirt 1


Fright Rags makes awesome shirts, everyone knows this, but these 2 are especially awesome. Released on 8/22 for Pre-Order, the latest in the Fright Rags line up is the movie Tucker and Dale Vs. Evil. If you haven’t seen the movie do yourself a favor and watch it right now. Fright Rags actually has 5 shirts and one hat up for pre-order right now, all of which are great, but these 2 jumped out at me. All of the designs can be purchased here: http://www.fright-rags.com/collections-tucker-and-dale-vs-evil- c-40_59.html