Why One Style Won’t Fit All

You’ve started a brewing company that’s grown into a household name. People love your brews so much that you’ve decided to make shirts as a way to share in the pride you all have. The tricky part is that people come in all shapes and sizes. How are you going to make a shirt that looks good on everyone? The good news is enough cuts and fits exist for you to find what works best for your brand. In this post we go into detail about shirt sizing and fit so you can learn what your brand needs.

Threadbird tanks black market brew

Black Market Brewery prints shirts and tanks to promote their brand

Shirt Sizing and Fit

We know that the classic tee isn’t going anywhere, but you can appeal to more people if you print on more styles and fits. All shirts are not created equal. You need to know before you order what kind of shirt you’ll receive. As you look into what shirt works best for you, know that the size and fit can vary greatly between styles and brands.

Something most people don’t know is that a woman’s shirt and junior’s shirt won’t fit the same. The styles of shirts you need depends on your audience and the purpose of your product. A simple, crew neck unisex t-shirt may work best for promoting an event, but this same won’t translate as well when trying to grow your clothing brand.

Knowing your audience is key to deciding what style shirts you need. If you are a gaming company who has grown enough to brand yourself and sell products, find out what percentage of your followers are male or female! And then market to them! If you’re a women’s exercise class then you’re going to have women in all shapes and sizes. Figure out what styles and fits the women are currently wearing and then translate that to your brand.

LAT goes into detail on shirt sizing and fit on their website.

Fit Considerations

A junior shirt fits smaller and tighter than a women’s shirt. Ask your customer service specialist about this when ordering to make sure you get the best explanation of what style to order. If you wear a small in unisex then you might wear a medium in junior fit. Since junior fit is traditionally for pre-teen and teenage females, therefore it’s smaller than a women’s fit, so you should check this before you order.

One brand we love here for this sizing is LAT. They offers a women’s fit, but it’s not as tight as a junior fit. This more relaxed style can be dressed up and is a more fashion-forward, less traditional t-shirt look. LAT goes into detail about their different fits like junior, classic, and curvy here.

Who’s Wearing Your Shirts?

Our Customer Service Specialist Erica knows about what our clients and their customers want. “There are so many different body types and our clients are aware of this too. Picking the right garment can be tough but they need to think about who they are selling to and what works best for those body types,” she says.

So let’s say you’re a company whose audience is ever-growing, like Walk In Love. People in all shapes and sizes, from  NFL players to teenage girls, wear their shirts. As a result they need a variety of fits. Printing the same design on a unisex shirt and women’s shirt means more people are going to love the fit, and wear it over and over again. Walk in Love’s “Iron Sharpens Iron” shirt is so popular (Steph Curry posted a video wearing it), that they printed it in four styles, including a women’s tank.

Threadbird Canvas 3415

Russell Wilson and Russell Okung in a Canvas 3414 from Walk In Love

Walk in Love used the Bella 8804 tank. The high-low hem and rolled cuff sleeves make it super flattering and more feminine which is just what their customers wanted. Bella + Canvas is a brand with soft, high quality shirts and variance in unisex, men’s, and women’s sizes. Keep in mind that Bella tends to fit like a junior size vs. women’s since they’re trendy and fitted. They do have a relaxed fit that’s looser and fits women of all ages better.

Bella is the feminine line and Canvas focuses on men’s and unisex fit. For example, Canvas 3413 is unisex triblend, Bella 8413 is the Junior Fit tri blend equivalent.

The term unisex doesn’t really work if you want a shirt to fit both sexes well. You can see how the same shirt looks different on men and women with the Canvas 3415.

  • Threadbird Canvas 3415

    Canvas 3415 on a man

  • Threadbird Canvas 3415

    Canvas 3415 on a woman


Unisex vs. Men’s Fit

One benefit of a unisex shirt is way more color options. It’s the standard shirt, but you can still get most colors with the women’s equivalent, depending on the shirt. A simple unisex shirt works well when you want to pass out shirts for free to promote your brand. So if you’re hoping to print in mass quantity at lower cost then keeping it unisex makes sense. Just remember that the fit may not appeal to as much of your audience.

Erica also mentions the difference between a men’s and unisex fit. There’s men’s fit for some brands like Bella + Canvas and District Made. Unisex fits slimmer and cuts closer to the underarm than a men’s fit which makes it the easiest option. Printing a shirt in various fits gives people reason to wear your shirts more. A standard fitting shirt for women isn’t as flattering and often only worn as loungewear or workout wear. Instead, a women’s fit looks better to wear to dinner or work with jeans and a sweater.


Threadbird Bella 7501, shirt sizing and fit

The Bella 7501 sweatshirt has a feminine fit.


Fit for Outerwear

With sweatshirts and hoodies, the unisex fit is not as big of a deal. If you want a sweatshirt with a female-focused fit, the Bella 7501 and Anvil 71000FL give you that look.

Fashion-forward companies like Alternative Apparel go beyond one style of a women’s fit. Women’s shirts from Alternative Apparel have three fits: relaxed, classic, and slim. A Women’s size vs. a Men’s size will naturally be much smaller in measurements. For Alternative, a unisex shirt is the same at the chest and hip. A women’s shirt is smaller at the chest and wider at the hips by about 4”.

You can usually print the same design on multiple style shirts between a women’s and unisex fit. However, if the print is too large for a women’s fit, you can’t use the same screens and costs go up. Make sure you check on all this with your customer service specialist in order to work out a solution. You don’t want to lose part of your design on the shirt you worked so hard to bring to life!

When creating designs that you want to appeal to multiple demographics, it makes sense to print on men’s and women’s shirts. Why wouldn’t you want to make your brand as appealing as possible to your followers by offering them better fits?

Compare Fits

Below are some of the popular shirts in the unisex and women’s equivalent.

  • Alternative Apparel 1070 and 1072
  • Threadbird Alternative 1070

    Unisex Alternative 1070

  • Threadbird Alternative 1070

    Women’s Alternative 1072

  • Anvil 980 and 880
  • Unisex Anvil 980

  • Women’s Anvil 880

  • LAT 6904 and 3516
  • Unisex LAT 6904

  • Women’s LAT 3516


  • Next Level 3600 and 3300L
  • Unisex Next Level 3600

  • Women’s Next Level 3300L


  • Canvas 3413 and Bella 8413
  • Unisex Next Level 3600

  • Women’s Next Level 3300L


All these styles are available for you to print on and you can check them out on our website. If you want to know about printing dimensions or more details about fit, send an email to printing@threadbird.com and we can answer your questions and get your next order started! Ready to place an order and bring your ideas to life? Click here and head to our order form to get started!