Threadbird Celebrates 2 Years, Big Sales!

That’s right folks, it’s been 2 years since we rebranded Threadbird. We’re rolling out the red carpet as we celebrate and bringing on the deals for you! We’ve got $0.30 off per shirt on all t-shirt orders up to 3 colors. We’ve got 10% off all vinyl sticker orders. We’ve got 10% off all Screen Printed poster orders, not to mention a radical drop in poster pricing!
We’ve also cut our tag setups in half. Instead of the usual $10.00 per tag setup, they are now only $5.00 per setup.

Celebrate with us! Join in on the fun of our Threadbird sale. We love our customers and we wanted to come up with a special way to say thank you for making our jobs great.

A New Year, A Fresh Perspective

When we show up at work each morning, we’re reminded of how fortunate we are to be doing what we are doing. We provide superior screen printing services to clothing brands, musicians and amazing people around the world every day. Although a large portion of our business is done over the internet, the one thing that keeps us excited about what we do is you, the customer. We love thinking about you opening the door to find a box of your custom shirts waiting to be worn. We love seeing you tweet about your excitement and post pictures of the product fresh out the box. We love thinking about the t-shirts being worn at concerts, the hoodies keeping you warm at football games and the families all sporting the same getup at reunions!

Without you we wouldn’t exist. It’s our goal starting off the New Year to find ways to improve our customer service and to show our appreciation for you! Be on the lookout for changes throughout the year and please take a second to say hello (even if you don’t have a print order coming up), we love to hear from you!

If you have some great pictures of the product we printed for you, send them to us or post them to our Facebook page.

Cheers! The Threadbird Crew

Foalio Combines the Power of Portfolios and Creative Jobs, Offering Everyone Access to Amazing Artists and Designers

Foalio ( has upped the ante on helping Artists find Jobs. From the creators of Threadbird, Foalio offers free creative job listings and portfolios.

  • Foalio Home Page
  • Foalio Project Page
  • Foalio Projects Page
  • Foalio Artists Page

Over the past few years at Threadbird, we’ve received requests for artists and designers, from clients who need to hire one but don’t know where to look,” says Foalio Co-Founder Scott Anderson. “We saw a huge need to help jobs find artists.

Unlike other portfolio sites and job posting services, Foalio doesn’t charge anything to post a creative job listing. When jobs are posted, they can be seen and applied for by anyone browsing the site. Artists are also notified by email when a job is posted in their creative field, helping them get the work they need.

It’s not uncommon that people searching for an artist are on a tight budget,” says Foalio Co-Founder Nick Rocccanti. “Most sites are charging $100-200 just to post a job. If your budget is $300, you’ve just spent half of it and still don’t have an artist! We want everyone to have fair access to hiring the right artist.

Foalio also includes the following features:

  • Artist portfolios to showcase projects, descriptions, links and items for sale
  • Browse projects and artists to find the style you are looking for
  • Share projects and jobs on Twitter, Facebook and via email
  • Resume builder for easy access to more info on an artist
  • See which artists are currently available for hire
  • Mark an item as “Pre-Made” and sell it as a ready-to-go template

For more information, please visit

Introducing the All-New Threadbird!

What’s New?

More Products: Whoever Said We Just Printed T-shirts?

Threadbird now offers a wide array of products and services. Looking for Business Cards, Postcards, Brochures and other Offset Services?… You’ve come to the right place. How about quality vinyl stickers of all shapes and sizes?… Don’t move an inch. Buttons for your next political campaign?… We can do it. Got a killer concert coming up in need of a killer screen printed poster?… Boom Goes the Dynamite!

More Information: Photos, Colors & Prices For All Products

Looking for Ash Sea Foam Green in American Apparel 2001? Want see what other colors come in that style? Curious what brands we carry in Zipper hoodies? Considering a Raglan, but not sure what color sleeves to get? Find it all right on the website. Get updated pricing sheets for all of our products right next to all the rest of the information.

Order Online: An Easy Form For An Easy Quote

Tired of the back and forth emails? Submit a quote request on our brand new, easy-to-use Quote Request form and we’ll gather up the estimate for everything you are looking for and get back to you within 24 business hours.

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