How Apparel Finishings Can Take Your Brand To The Next Level

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With the custom apparel industry constantly growing and evolving, it may feel harder and harder to distinguish your brand. If you want your brand to stand out beyond just the quality of the screen-print itself, as well as increase your brand presence, check out the ways that apparel finishings can help you achieve that. We will go into detail about what we offer here at Threadbird, and how it can benefit your brand. Read on to learn how you can grow your tribe!

Tag removal and printing:

Creating a completely original new tag on your shirt is one of the best ways to promote brand identity. Customize the tag to include your logo, the legally required information about the materials and country of origin, and other details.

To explain further – every garment created comes with a tag printed, usually on the back of the neck. This tag contains the brand, size, country of origin, and fabric. For example, a shirt tag informs you it’s a Next Level, size Medium, made in Nicaragua, made of 100% ring-spun cotton. It also includes care instructions, but these are usually found as a tag along the inside seam.
This tag provides the end consumer with all the information you may need, but it doesn’t add anything to your brand. That’s why we provide tag removal and printing! You can truly brand your products to create a well-rounded presentation and cover your bases. It makes it easy for your customers to remember who’s shirt they’re wearing, and for them to tell their friends when asked about it!threadbird custom apparel finishings

If you decide to remove the manufacturer’s label, you are required to reprint certain things. It’s important to note that the FTC has certain guidelines when it comes to labels. Some of the rules set by the FTC include:

  • A label may say, “Made in U.S.A.” only if the product is made completely in the U.S. of materials that were made in the U.S.
  • Products covered by the Textile and Wool Acts must be labeled to show the country of origin.
  • The three required disclosures may appear on one label or on separate labels. They may appear on a label with other information, such as the care instructions. In fact, consumers and professional cleaners find it helpful to see the fiber content on the same label with the care instructions.
  • All parts of the required information must be clearly legible, conspicuous and readily accessible to the consumer.

You can read more about them in detail here.

threadbird custom apparel sewn tags

Sewn tags:

Sewn tags, while smaller, provide distinct branding on your garments. Place a sewn tag on the neck hemline in place of the original tag, along the bottom of a garment, or on the sleeve. These woven tags adds an accent to the garments and can make your brand recognizable across various prints. Well-known brands like Hurley and Jordan attach these to their shirts. We also do it on some of our own shirts, which you can find here.

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Folding and bagging:

Using Threadbird to fold and bag your items is helpful if you ship out orders individually. It keeps them clean and protected during shipment in case anything should happen. We fold the shirt, bag it and put a size sticker on top. This saves time for you and your shipping team.

Also, if retailers carry your garments, this method can save them time upon receiving and organizing your products. Folding and bagging is also helpful for companies who need to distribute the shirts quickly. If your business hosts an event where you distribute shirts, folding and bagging the shirts makes it easy to hand them out to participants without delay.

threadbird hang tags

Hang tags:

Hang tags can really take your brand to the next level. These add a professional look and make your items ready for retail. We attach them to your garment with the info you put on them. Hang tags allow you to include more information about your brand, like your mission statement, or a longer name and logo. You may want to add a hang tag if your garments go to retailers or if your business keeps growing.

Overall, these apparel finishings take your products from a simple shirt into a retail ready product. Each elevates your brand and give you that extra touch of quality and attention to detail. Have you considered using some or all of these finishings for your brand?